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Peckham House, HIDEALOO & Actor

Monty Ravenscroft, Peckham House, HIDEALOO, co-founder of meia, part-time actor and film producer, as well as an "engineering genius"

Co-founder of meia, a world leading design/build company specialising in the automation of moving elements in architecture. His has an unparalleled multi-disciplinary experience which oscillates between acting, event managing, film making, engineering and many other ‘life enhancing’ adventures. It is that breadth of experience which provides him with such an innovative approach to design.

Other architecture based Television programmes include Channel 4's "Inside Out Homes" with architect Zac Monro.
A new revolutionary property series, where Zac extols the virtues of blurring the boundaries between house and garden, and of open-plan living.
Inside Out Homes

Hidealoo, the latest engineering marvel, is a cunning way to hide the whole bathroom, even in plain sight and talk about a space saving bathroom. See how he's folding all that 'washing-pooing' thing into the wall of your bedroom. Hidealoo, Changing the way.

His acting appearances include "Four Weddings and a Funeral" in which he played Henrietta's ("Duckface") new partner at the third wedding.

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